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Pearl exists to empower the people of Uganda through gospel-centered, holistic development. Pearl and its partner, Ranch on Jesus, have always worked to ensure a positive change for local communities to foster a self-sustaining environment through education and vocational training. By assisting needy families in providing education to their children, the families are then able to keep the children in a stable and familial environment. This stability allows the child to focus on school, and the family to use its resources to care for the child at home. Education for these children allows them to have a better future for themselves and their families. Support Pearl Ministries today and help scholarship the next generation of Ugandan children through school and into a better future.


Over the last few years, Pearl Ministries has been able to reduce its administrative overhead to less than 5% of its overall budget. This means that over 95% of your gift goes to helping Ranch on Jesus Ministries give aid to families and scholarship children of all ages within the communities it serves.


Pearl Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your gift.

Board of Directors

John Stone, chairman

Bob Ashburner

Rux Bentley

Nancy Carroll

Abby Guerin

Jamie Laslo, founder

Scott Laslo, co-founder

Shegun Otulana

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