Our Founding Story

Ranch on Jesus Ministries came to life in 2001, through the faith of a Ugandan woman named Sarah. A recently born again follower of Christ, twenty-two year old Sarah was compelled that though she was weak, her strong God was calling her to bring the Gospel to the suffering in her community. As she read God’s Word with enlightened eyes, she saw specifically how God was calling her to act in faith.

In a country crippled by AIDS, disease, war, poverty, and idolatry, none are affected more severely than the children. Orphaned, abused, or rejected, these children often turn to life on the streets where destructive and deadly behaviors eat at their souls. Sarah was all too familiar with the plight of the fatherless. When she was still young, her father passed away and she spent part of her youth living in an Orphanage Home. Knowing that the heart of God is saving His children from eternal death and earthly misery, Sarah opened the front door of her home to any child who needed food and shelter.

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Founder’s Stories: Ranched on Jesus

Ministry co-founder, Jamie Laslo, shares her unique point of view and insight into the ministry on her personal website, Ranched On Jesus. This is a place for stories, reflections and questions that come when striving to follow Christ down a road of cross cultural service.

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